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Why Brown Mascara Is Better Than Regular Black

Ace your #nomakeup, makeup look with these mascaras

By Lynn Yang; Cover photo: Shutterstock

Black mascara is classic and a must-have when we want to create a smokey eye.

But to truly ace the #nomakeup makeup look, we think a rich brown mascara will fare much better compared to it’s inky counterpart.The brown tone of the mascara will be in sync with lighter coloured hair and for Asian skin tones, it will naturally define your eyes and bring out the lashes length without giving too much drama.

That’s because browns tend to look complimentary, rather than contrasting, on most Asian skin tones. Plus, with everyone sporting a head of dyed hair, a lighter shade matches coloured locks better as well.

To naturally define your eyes without too much drama, here are five of our favourite brown mascaras:

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Photo: Benefit Cosmetics

1. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash in Brown, $42

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