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Beauty in Brief – Radiant and Refresh

Excited for the upcoming month of love? Perk up and make sure you waltz into February looking radiant and refreshed!

Forbidden Flower Body Lotion $21.90

The Body Shop

Inspired by nature’s most controversial flower, the poppy that symbolizes love and fertility, the new limited edition Forbidden Flower is the ultimate Valentine’s Day seduction tool. Beautiful, intoxicating and dangerous, the Forbidden Flower contains an extract of hand-picked poppies from Ankara, Turkey for an addictive hit of fragrance.

Available at The Body Shop outlets



Combining oriental medical principles and the modern innovative R&D, this moisturizing gel transforms into pearl-like water droplets upon massaging on the skin. The droplets permeate instantly through the skin, locking the moisture within the pores without clogging them. The aloe, liquorice, rose and other natural extracts not only helps boost up skin hydration level, but also effectively soothes and lulls the skin that results in a full elasticity with a luminous glow.

Available at Heynature.com.sg

Asience Inner Rich Treatment Care - 180ml


Transform your hair with the power of Asience new innovative Beauty Serum. A concentrated infusion of precious oils and essences, the Beauty Serum deeply repairs, moisturises and softens hair, giving it an instant boost of softness, smoothness and shine for youthful looking hair.

Available at departmental stores

Jergens Body Moisturisers - Ultra Healing (100ml)


Are you looking to repair, heal, and deeply nourish your extra dry skin? Jergens improves skin‘s tone, texture, and luminosity. It heals dryness at the source by penetrating through 5 layers of the skin‘s surface. It is easy to absorb and helps the skin locks in moisture for up to 48 hours.

Available at departmental stores

Liese Blaune TCC range


Liese Blaune Treatment Cream Color sets the bold new standard in gray hair coverage that leaves a spa level hair finish! It contains more than 60% Treatment Base that coats the hair for a nourishing treatment throughout the coloring process. Coupled with its high penetration coloring technology, the hair also gets colored 100% effectively for an even and long-lasting result!

Available at departmental stores

By Nicole Lee