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Peranakan dining at Ding Dong

Ding Dong takes us playfully through the world of Southeast Asian flavours with a unique Peranakan flair to its menu

Ding Dong sits comfortably amid a splatter of eateries along Ann Siang Road. Famed for their inventive cocktails, it was only a matter of time before their menu caught up! Their new menu is big on the Peranakan flavour, paying homage to the cultural heritage of their Head Chef, Jet Lo.

We highlight three of our favorite dishes in this spanking new menu.

Ding Dong_Homemade black miso tofu, daikon and ginger salad with Japanese dressing
The Homemade Black Miso Tofu had the same soft texture of chawanmushi


Fusion of Japanese and Peranakan

Our first dish was the homemade black miso tofu, doused in Japanese dressing and elegantly served with daiko and ginger salad. It is one of their vegetarian dishes – it is gluten-free and one of the new popular favourites among diners.

The delicate sea grapes, imported from Japan, paired well with the soft homemade miso tofu. The texture, much like chawanmushi, was smooth and soft, gliding off the spooneasily. It was a dish that hits both sour and sweet on the spot.

Ding Dong_Asam pedas salted barramundi with okra and baby eggplant
The Asam Pedas was met with great anticipation at our table

A fish with a twist


Asam Pedas is a simple dish. From hawker centers to home cooks, there are many who can deliver this dish. Although it is traditionally prepared with freshwater fish, Chef Jet Lo opted for the saltwater barramundi instead. It turned out to be one of the best sellers in their new menu.

Prepared with okra and baby eggplant, the Peranakan-inspired Asam Pedas is soft and flavourful, complemented by its sour asam (tamarind) fruit juice. True to its Peranakan preparation style, it dialed down on the chili and spices, preferring to go heavy on the delightfully sour flavour.


Ding Dong_Gula malacca with sago pudding & coconut
I would not hesitate to come back specially for the Gula Malacca


Award-deserving dessert to finish

I believe a dessert wraps up a meal – nothing is quite as important as a delicious finish. And Ding Dong epitomized that.

Upon serving, we knew this dish would be a work of art. The dehydrated gula malcca meringue was tastefully cut in the shape of a triangle, angled perfectly below a generous scoop of delightfully Thai coconut ice cream. The sago complemented the ice cream, further adding a dimension of sweetness onto the already-sugary dessert.

Ding Dong, 23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703

By Nicole Lee
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