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A Watch Collector Must-haves – The Omega x Swatch’s MoonSwatch

This is probably one of the hottest collaborations for the year 2022 – Omega x Swatch!

Have you been eyeing Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch?

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is an official part of every astronaut’s kit. All NASA astronauts were equipped with an OMEGA Speedmaster, safely secured by a Velcro strap. The Moonwatch retails for at least S$9000 in Singapore.

Now! Omega and Swatch have broken the internet with their latest collaboration – MoonSwatch. They are not releasing 1 but 11 models, each in a different colour and named after different planets. If you need an entry-level Omega watch, MoonSwatch is one watch that you have to own.

Mr Nick Hayek, Head honcho of Swatch Group said: “Here, we wanted to go a step further, because we have an iconic brand like Omega that has a product that is an icon in the Swiss watch industry – the Speedmaster. And on the other side, Swatch is an icon because it saved the Swiss watch industry. When everybody was focusing only on luxury, Swatch was there, and Swatch is an innovator.

With colours such as powdery pink (Venus) to deep blue (Neptune), there is something for EVERYONE, from gentlemen to ladies. The MoonSwatch shares the same 42mm dial as the Speedmaster with all the details intact.

MoonSwatch watches are made from Swatch’s latest eco-innovation: Bioceramic, a lightweight and scratch-resistant sustainable material alongside a velcro strap just like the astronauts wore over their spacesuits.

“If this would have been only a recycled Swatch, or the normal shape of this watch, and just putting a name on it, I would have been totally against it. What we’ve been able to do, by having Gregory (head of product design) very much involved, it’s like adding that with a new shape, new dials, everything is new in that. It’s even a bioceramic material that has never been done.” Mr Aeschlimann, Omega chief executive shared

MoonSwatch is only available at the Swatch stores in Marina Bay Sands and Ion Orchard from 26 March 2002 and retails at S$372 each. If you are thinking of getting the entire set, sorry to disappoint you. Because each customer is only allowed to buy two watches in a transaction.

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