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9 Rose Colour Meanings: Choose The Right Colour For Your Valentine

The universal symbol of love touts many colours

With 14 February on the approach, we’re foreshadowing many love declarations taking the form of floral blooms – a heartfelt gesture that has lasted since ancient times. While the rose is unrivalled for being the ultimate sign of love, the passionate message extends further from the floral entity on its own. Here, different rose colours boast different shades of meaning so that thought behind every bouquet is made a little more special.

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A Valentine’s Day cliche? Nah. An undying tradition and a timeless classic, presenting red roses to the recipient is an all-encompassing way of saying ‘I Love You’. The gesture even works for non-romantic reasons such as sending one’s congratulations to someone who has made a huge accomplishment, such as at an award ceremony or a graduation.

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