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8 Carousell sellers to bookmark now

Wondering which sellers on the shopping app are a cut above the rest? Here are some accounts for you to check out

You’ll find old-school film cameras aplenty at @madaboutvintage

I remember how Carousell came through for me two years ago on a particularly desperate attempt to score a pair of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights tickets for a good friend’s birthday. Not only did I get hold of the tickets easily, they were sold at a good 20 per cent off the list price.

With 26 item categories and counting, Carousell is fast becoming the marketplace app for all your shopping needs. You name it and they’ll (probably) have it.

We spoke to the Carousell team and narrowed down the best accounts, just for you.

For the Fashionistas

This tassel necklace (top right) from @hanxi will match any basic tee


With brightly lit and sharp images, this account has a whole gamut of in-stock items, most of which are either brand new or lightly worn. We found dresses from high-street brands like H&M, makeup from brands such as Paul & Joe and 3CE, and even minimalist metallic accessories.


If you fancy your accessories simple, colourful and delicate, this account has it all. Featuring handmade bracelets, earrings and necklaces in pastel shades, you’ll be able to find something unique for sure.

Those who prefer DIY-ing their accessories can find bits and bops like jump rings and gold-plated chains.

For the Tech Geeks

Like its namesake, @laptophouse offers affordable pre-loved laptops from various brands


Too lazy to be squeezing with the crowds at IT fairs? Check out this account for pre-owned and brand new laptops at competitive prices. Brands featured include Asus, HP, Dell and Acer.

If you’re looking for laptop repair services or even trade-ins, feel free to contact them too.


Adventure lovers alert, this account has a comprehensive selection of GoPro cameras and accessories such as mounts, flexible tripods and even selfie sticks.

Smartphone mounts are also on sale, for the ones who prefer taking photos on their phones. 

For the Activity Seekers

Get attraction tickets at a steal from @dealssg


You could almost think of this account as your one-stop shop for weekend activities. We found tickets for Universal Studios Singapore, MBS Sky Park, SEA Aquarium, Trickeye Museum, Snow City and even good ole Science Centre!

Best of all, the tickets are priced reasonably, and likely to be much cheaper than on-site purchase.


This account claims to have the cheapest tickets with guaranteed entry. As with the former account, this one features tickets for major tourist attractions including the Singapore Zoo, River Safari and even Universal Studios Singapore season passes.

Prices are all stated at $0, so you’ll have to chat with the buyer to find out more!

For the Quirky Ones

For stand-out home decor and quirky furnitures, check out @funny_museum


We heard that this seller, who started off on Carousell, received such positive responses that he now has an actual shop front at Keong Saik Road.

That aside, the account is pretty impressive with an interesting range of home décor items including French vintage deer head mounts, a Victorian rhino chair and industrial-style light bulbs. Hipster homemakers ought to make a pit stop.


Step into a different era with this account, which lists items such as Polaroid cameras, rotary phones and other vintage memorabilia, among others.

Collectors and retro camera lovers will definitely enjoy browsing through. What also caught our eye was a vintage 1987 Apple computer — how quaint.

By Samantha Francis