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6 Expert Tips For Dreamy, Colourful Hair

Black Hair Salon shares their secrets to getting and maintaining coloured hair

Ask anybody who’s ever tried dying their hair a beautiful pastel shade or a shocking blue, and they’ll be glad to regale you with tales.

Tales of spending hours sitting restless in the salon chair, complaints on the exorbitant fees and finally, the disappointment of seeing these colours fade to a dull blonde.

Still, the joy of stepping out with a head-turning mane is worth every bit of the trouble.

And so I dedicated a full afternoon at Black Hair Salon in my bid for rose gold hair — which turned out as lovely as I’d have imagined, complete with a very soft purple undertone.

Meanwhile, I quizzed the hair experts as they worked on my hair, in order to suss out the best-kept secrets on getting and maintaining coloured hair.


1. Always consult your hair stylist

The Internet may be filled with mindboggling hair trends — ombre, colourblocking, opal, hidden rainbow, what have you.

But ultimately, how these trends play out on your crowning glory, depends on the quality of your hair.

A proper consultation with your hair stylist will help you determine if it’s suitable for you, depending on your hair quality, condition of previous dye job and lifestyle needs.

2. Avoid swimming

Pool water tends to contain a fair amount of chlorine, which can damage hair and strip off colour quickly. If you don’t want to see your painstakingly dyed mane go to waste, avoid swimming.

Need your cardio workout? Pick some other non-aquatic sport!

3. Keep heat styling to a minimum

Bouncy curls may help your coloured locks stand out, but heat styling can also cause hair colour to fade faster.

If need be, keep heat styling to a minimum and use heat-protection haircare such as the KMS Free Shape range, which is also suitable for quick blow drying and hairstyling.


4. Use the correct hair products

If you find coloured water pooling at your feet whenever you wash your hair, it’s most likely that you’re using the wrong shampoo for your dyed hair.

Keep bleached hair strong and resilient with a product like the Olaplex No 3, a popular home use rinse-off product the helps to prevent hair breakage.

5. Maintain with coloured-hair specific shampoos

For blonde hair, use a blonde shampoo to remove the yellow tones. For ash hair, use ash shampoo to achieve greyer tones. For rose gold hair, there’s even a rose gold hair mask.

In fact, special hair masks for wild colours like blue, violet and grey are available in the market as well.

6. Keep up with hair trends

According to the experts at Black Hair Salon, this year’s hair colours look set to feature even more of granny grey, pastel, as well as rose quartz and serenity — the Pantone colours of the year.

They predict that 2017 will see even more variations, such as pops of pastel colours on granny grey hair, and airy, textured haircuts for a messy yet natural look.

Mentioned products are available for purchase at Black Hair Salon.

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