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5 Stylish Tech Gadgets for The Fashionista

Between function and style, which should a fashionista choose? 

We have rounded up some stylish tech products for you, even if the look isn’t the point.

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1. Planet Beyond Earphone

Planet Beyond products are unlike any others in the market, their products feature high tech performance and high fashion ideas.

The PBX01 Earphones (S$188) are an elegant pair of true wireless, noise-cancelling earbuds that weigh a mere 101 grams and are water-resistant with a rating of IPX5. It operates on a Bluetooth® 5.0 standard and each charge is capable of providing listeners with 5 hours of continuous playback or 160 hours of standby time.

Additionally, a wide array of decorative attachments for the earbuds (S$108) can be added. These come in 4 whimsical designs of shooting stars, constellation, leaves and supernova, made to stand out in either gold, silver or rose.

The aesthetic appeal and attention to details make Planet Beyond Earphone not only functional but also chic and trendy!

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