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5 Interior Design Hacks To Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

Homes are our safe havens and perhaps the most comforting space one can imagine.

The freedom we enjoy in these spaces is unmatchable. But more often, this space can become a bit dull or turn into a cluttered mess. Here’s where the magic of interior designing can transform your safe havens completely.

Interior Design is a tool to break the monotony of your everyday space. Your homes are a representation of your personality, and nothing in the world should speak more of your personality than the interior design of your home. It adds a customized look that echoes your attributes and nature. So, the big question that lies ahead is that how to add that personal touch?

The modern interior design world is filled with contemporary designs that are in style and up with the trend. But that doesn’t mean that it’s your choice too. After all, your abode should be a reflection of what you consider important and what you value the most.

So, it really comes down to your opinions, ideas, and beliefs.  To help you customize further, we have listed some guaranteed interior design hacks that are sure to transform your homes into an inanimate version of yourself.

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Hack 1: Trip Down The Memory Lane – Photo Wall

Fleeting moments are best captured in a picture. These moments become core memories that we always want to cherish. So there’s no better way to celebrate those old memories than by hanging pictures up a wall.

Not only does it look amazing interior design-wise, but it also gives off a very homely feel. You could also categorize these memories by year or by special occasions to create a wall art collage.

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