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5 Chic Children’s Clothing Brands That Your Little Ones Will Love

We’ve rounded up the coolest threads that best suit the mini human version of you

Children are free-spirited balls of energy –  in an I’d-rather-run-around-in-my-underwear sort of way.

While it is encouraged to allow these little beings to express themselves, a line should be drawn when it comes to them looking acceptable before stepping outside the house.

So here are five kids’ fashion brands you can rely on to clad the kids in, plus doesn’t your own DNA make for a canvas of sorts to sneak in your own expression of style?

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Familiar with ZARA adults? Well, its kid’s line is as trendy and price is reasonable too. And you can foster bonds between parent and child by going all matchy as the brand frequently launches clothing with similar design and cutting for both kids and adults.

Available at all Zara stores in Singapore and on zara.sg.

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