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3 Ways To Reduce Cleaning For Your Home

Achieve a fuss-free and easy to clean space with these essential styling tips

Text and photos: Courtesy of Qanvast

The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is sweeping, cleaning, clearing or mopping.

Qanvast has teamed up with Helping, the leading online marketplace for home services, where customers can book insured cleaners, for tips to achieve a fuss-free and stylish home.

Here are three ways to style your home into a beautiful space that's both easy to clean and maintain.

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2. Colours In Harmony

Colours, when paired correctly, can create a stunning zen-like effect that instantly brings calmness to mind — just what you need to feel clutter-free!

A good combination? Warm sandy brown with a pure white to keep your home looking cosy yet inviting.

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