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11 Tips For 11.11 Taobao Shopping

Taobao shopping on Single’s Day? We teach you how to save and shop smart

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Singles’ Day might cause some heartbreak if you are single, but shopaholics worldwide can rejoice!

The day is now considered a retail holiday, with massive discounts and groundbreaking deals from various merchants.

Our friends at Shopback share 11 tricks and tips on how you can stretch your dollar and snag the purchases of your dreams.

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1. Brush up on your Chinese

Taobao is a primary Chinese website, so it’s a good time for you to learn common phrases that will be helpful for you while you shop and browse through thousands of products. Common phrases include:

Use “亲” (qīn) all time, every time when you’re referring to the seller. Although the word means “dear” or “darling” , it’s a common word used on Taobao’s messenger platform as it brings a sense of friendliness between shopper and seller.

“拍” (pāi) means “buy”. Not the literally meaning of snapping a photo, but it means the action of “snapping” or buying the  desired product.

The term “宝贝” (bǎo bèi) refers to any item that you’re intending to buy. Be it household toiletries or even a grand piano,  as long as it’s on Taobao, it’s a treasure.

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