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10 Scented Candles To Still Keep You In The Holiday Mood

We can always rely on the nose to keep Christmas spirits up

How does one keep the spirit of Christmas alive (or at least linger on)? Well, lighting a scented candle should do the trick! Through the sense of smell, the candle's scent easily jolts the memories of roast dinners, family time and presents underneath the Christmas tree.

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2. Diptyque Frosted Forest Unicorn Scented Candle, $105 /190g

The constellation of the unicorn contains a nebula located at 2600 light-years called the Christmas Tree, the birthplace of sparkling stars. Combined with the green color, embodying harmony and beauty, the unicorn inspired a candle reminiscent of the invigorating scents of the majestic conifers. Fir needles, Hinoki wood and mint mix intimately to compose the rare aromas of lush frosted forests.

Available at Escentials Paragon, Escentials Tangs and Tangs Vivo City.

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