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10 Outrageously Adorable Products Every Minion Lover Should Own

Bee-do! Bee-do! Get your minion fix just in time for Despicable Me 3

Since 2010, the minions have taken over the world with their hilarious antics and adorable selves.

After the resounding success of the first movie, there have been countless shorts, sequels and prequels featuring these yellow critters, yet fans still can’t get enough of them.

Our pleas have been answered as the third sequel Despicable Me 3 will be dropping in theaters soon.

As much as we love Gru, these banana-loving, pill-shaped sidekicks will always have a special place in our hearts.

If you’re a minion lover or know someone who is crazy over minions, you won’t be able to resist these minion products.

Like they say — you don’t need a minion fart blaster, but it doesn’t hurt to have one.

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Photo: Tloveskin

1. Minions Macbook Keyboard Decal ($14.98), Tloveskin

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