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#NYFW Special: 5 Useful USA Airport Hacks

Avoid these mistakes at USA airports for a smoother trip

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After flying 22 hours without in-flight entertainment, I heaved a big sigh of relief. I’ve finally arrived at the Big Apple, New York City, safe and sound.

However, the next hour and a half was spent finding my way around in old-school fashion – think physical maps and asking for directions. Looking back, I spotted some fatal errors that could have saved me time to explore the city instead.

Here are five things I’ve learned to prepare before landing in US for a trouble-free trip.

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1. Get your overseas SIM cards in Singapore

Upon my arrival at JFK Airport, I found myself frantically searching for WiFi connection. To my dismay, there is no public WiFi available for passengers, and surrounding cafes were equally unforgiving even to paying customers.

To make matters worse, there were no telco shops or vending machines in sight either.

As it turned out, my answer was closer to home than I thought. Changi Airport rents out Overseas WiFi routers, a convenient service for short vacations. For those embarking on longer stays like myself, I found out that for $40, you can actually get a US SIM card that will be ready to use upon arrival – and you can even call international numbers.

I learned a hard lesson and forked out US$45 for an AT&T mobile plan (3GB 3G data and unlimited calls and texts). The $40 plan seems to be a much better deal.

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