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Score a free dinner with Uber tonight

Order your dinner the way you would request for an Uber ride — and get it for free


Ever since Uber’s last wildly successful #UberIceCream campaign became the talk of the town, we couldn’t help wondering what would top it.

And here you have it — free dinner!

In conjunction with the series premiere of Masterchef Asia, Uber has teamed up with healthy foods start up, Grain, to deliver a tasty selection of four different dishes to Uber app users who request for it.

Whet your appetite with these four selections:

Grilled Artichoke Baked Frittata

Artichoke lovers and non-lovers alike are sure to dig into this simple (but tedious) artichoke egg frittata – sans meat. Artichoke is char-grilled, then marinated with olive oil, oregano, vinegar and salty love for 5 days and 5 nights. Throw this resulting flavorful delight with eggs baked with love and behold, grilled artichoke, baked frittata.


Tarragon Yoghurt Chicken on Spring Vegetables Salad

This meal hugs the palate with great intensity. The chicken pairs great with yoghurt and tarragon, unfolding a sensual aftertaste and a smart sweetness, which balances its aroma perfectly. This is the perfect way to pick yourself up after a hectic work week.


Unadon with Winter Vegetables Nimono

Japanese lovers, take notice: the unadon is now available with nimono (those simmered vegetables that we all love munching on). You know what they say about two is better than one – it all comes out in this dish. Stewed in bonito and pork broth for 6 hours, the vegetables come out tender, giving you all the flavors you’ve come to love.


Bibimbap with Grilled Red Chicken

Bibimbap has always been a traditionally healthy Korean dish. With brown and black rice, Grain’s bibimbap 2.0 is a mix of complex carbs, pumping slow energy to fuel your day. Topped with grilled red chicken and vegetables, take a trip to Korea and be back within the hour. We promise you’ll still have energy left over. Enjoy mildly warm or at room temperature.


Here comes the most important part, how do you get your free dinner?

Just do it the way you would request for a ride!

  1. Open your Uber app today, between 7:00pm and 8:30pm
  2. Toggle over the ‘MasterChef Asia’ option that appears in the app, and request for your meal
  3. Your delicious meal for four will be delivered to your doorstep – right in time for the 9:00pm MasterChef Asia premier on Lifetime.
  4. Demand will be sky-high, so move fast.
  5. Uber will take care of the payment!

by Samantha Francis