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Renovation ideas for homes under 100 square metres

Every inch of space is precious in a small flat

If you are mulling over design inspirations for your home, our friends at Qanvast have pooled together 8 home renovation ideas that look stylish and welcoming under 100 square metres (approximately 1,100 square feet)!

Stick to a consistent colour palette

    1. White brick walls and wooden beam that outline the main communal spaces gave an English countryside feel to this 4-room flat. The furnishings used gave a modern updated look.

Thom-Signature-Punggol-Field-Scandinavian-Bedroom Thom-Signature-Punggol-Field-Scandinavian-Dining-Hallway Thom-Signature-Punggol-Field-Scandinavian-Living-Room Thom-Signature-Punggol-Field-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Dining

Interior Designer: Thom Signature Design
Location: Punggol Field (HDB, 93 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $35,000


  1. Tiny but cosy. Instead of shunning away from displays and accessories, the condominium took a bold move with tall cabinets to store knick-knacks and momentos, which help to create visual interest in this monotone apartment.

Hall-Interiors-Montana-Bedroom Hall-Interiors-Montana-Hallway-Entrance Hall-Interiors-Montana-Living-Room-Dining Hall-Interiors-Montana-Storage-Shelves


Interior Designer: Hall Interiors
Location: River Valley (HDB, 60 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $75,000

  1. A black and white palette is classic but never boring. This apartment upped the design ante by playing up on geometry and patterned tiles in this colonial-inspired interior.

The-Association-Hougang-Monochrome-Colonial-Bedroom The-Association-Hougang-Monochrome-Colonial-Kitchen The-Association-Hougang-Monochrome-Colonial-Living-Room-Dining


Interior Designer: The Association
Location: Hougang (HDB, 56 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $70,000

  1. Decked largely in neutral tones, the zesty hues in the living room accessories add fun and character to this Scandinavian-themed home. The plus side; these items can be easily swapped out when you feel like you need a change to a more classic look.

FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Bedroom FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Balcony FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Dining-Hallway FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Study-Room-


Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Chestnut Avenue (condo, 88 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $58,000

Use lighting to your advantage

  1. The use of mirrors amplifies the spaces at home with this common trick. Placed along darker passageways or near the windows, the reflection of light will help. The condominium makes use of natural lighting and coloured furniture to brighten up the house.

Sevenvine-iResidence-Bedroom-Bay-Window Sevenvine-iResidence-Living-Room-Balcony Sevenvine-iResidence-Living-Room-TV-Console Sevenvine-iResidence-Study-Bay-Window

Interior Designer: Sevenvine
Location: Irrawaddy Road (condo, 84 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $40,000

Be bold!

  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve. In this case, the homeowner showcased their love for the iconic Eiffel Tower by incorporating an image of the French landmark in every room, in a different graphical representation.

Space-Factor-Toa-Payoh-Bedroom-Bay-Window Space-Factor-Toa-Payoh-Dining-Room Space-Factor-Toa-Payoh-Living-Room Space-Factor-Toa-Payoh-Study

Interior Designer: Space Factor
Location: Toa Payoh (condo, 91 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $51,000

  1. A cream palette is all it takes to make the bright colours and intricate patterns of the Moroccan charm pop.

Fatema-Design-Studio-Pasir-Ris-Moroccan-Dining Fatema-Design-Studio-Pasir-Ris-Moroccan-Dining-Hallway Fatema-Design-Studio-Pasir-Ris-Moroccan-Fatema-Design-Studio-Pasir-Ris-Moroccan-TV-console Fatema-Design-Studio-Pasir-Ris-Moroccan-Kitchen

Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio

Location: Pasir Ris (HDB, 98 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $37,500

  1. This HDB flat is chock-full of personality. From the wacky tree trunk shaped TV console, industrial-meets-retro elements to the big purple cutout wall that divides the main communal spaces, this home make a statement with a big decorating move!

FSI-Montreal-Link-Eclectic-Bedroom FSI-Montreal-Link-Eclectic-Dining FSI-Montreal-Link-Eclectic-Kitchen FSI-Montreal-Link-Eclectic-Living-Room

Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Montreal Link (HDB, 93sqm)
Cost of renovation: $65,000


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