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Around the world for CNY

Here are some little-known options to celebrate Chinese New Year with international flare

1. For Italian Yu Sheng with Truffles and Caviar − Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare

Abundant Bountiful Harvest 2

Chef Lino Sauro has created an “Abundant Seafood Harvest” Yu Sheng for guests to toss to a good Monkey Year. The yu sheng comprises of a base of cold Japanese somen and an array of the seafood sourced from around the world. This includes Normandy oysters, Sicilian gambero rosso (red prawns) and Hokkaido scallops, mixed with chopped black truffle.

To add a dash of luxury, guests can also top the yu sheng with caviar at an addition cost of $80 (20g). The “Abundant Seafood Harvest” Yu Sheng is available at $88 (4 pax), $148 (6 pax) and $188 (8 pax). It will be available for dine-in only from Jan 28 to Feb 23. Reservations are recommended.




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2. For an American twist − Hard Rock Cafe


For something different, try the Huat Rock Burger, a juicy beefburger served alongside a refreshing ‘Lo Hei’-inspired salad. The Huat Rock Burger will be available at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore and Sentosa from Feb 1 to 29, at S$25++ each.

3. For a Japanese style reunion dinner − Tomo Izakaya


Tomo Izakaya has rolled out a 4-course CNY set menu and an Abundance Yu Sheng with fresh sashimi, seafood and colourful vegetables. The Japanese style yusheng features a freshly peeled orange perched on an inverted champagne glass, Boston lobster sashimi, salmon sashimi  and white fish sashimi.

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4. For French family dining − Le Bistrot du Sommelier


In the spirit of CNY communal dining much, French restaurant Le Bistrot du Sommelier is dishing out a menu featuring authentic French cuisine with a touch of Asians’ delight. For an auspicious symbol of bounty, pick the Poisson du Jour, a whole fish prepared with seasonal ingredients. They also have a Prosperity Salad done in Le Bistrot du Sommelier style, served with cured salmon, sliced beetroot, greens and croutons.

5. For a Brazilian feast − Carne & Caipirinha


Indulge in an all-you-can-eat servings of premium meats and toss to good fortune with a Brazilian lo hei. Don’t miss their Carbonara Pasta in Cheese Wheel while you’re there too!

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6. For something truly international − Singapore Changi Airport

CNY_Dian Xiao Er 2

Due to the exceptionally long CNY weekend, many Singaporeans have taken the opportunity to head overseas. This does not mean that you have to skip your reunion dinner this year. Changi Airport is home to multiple Chinese restaurants where you canhave a traditional meal.  Head down to Paradise Inn, Peach Garden, Seafood Paradise or Soup Restaurant before or after your trip and enjoy a heartwarming meal with family.

By Nicole-Marie Ng for Weekender Singapore