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Get Good Hair Days With These Hair Products

Achieving good hair days is not difficult when you use or eat the correct product for your hair type and needs.

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1. PHS HAIRSCIENCE Nutri-Hair Supplements

Sometimes, our hair reflects a lot on what we eat on top of what we use. That is also why PHS HAIRSCIENCE has recently introduced Nutri-Hair supplements that are fortified with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, as well as essential vitamins, the Nutri-Hair supplements help to tackle your hair concerns from within.

Healthy Hair Booster ($62/green) and Happy Hair Hormones ($96/pink) helps to optimize scalp health and promotes hair growth. Even if you are not facing any hair loss issues, you can still consume them to boost your current hair and scalp condition.

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Nutri-Hair supplements are available at all PHS HAIRSCIENCE® outlets and online.

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