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6 Effective Ways to Help Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem suffered by more than 50% of Singaporeans.

The question is, how do you effectively reduce hair loss? Let us provide you with a solution.

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6.  Get Professional Help From Doctors

If over-the-counter products are not working well for you, it is time to seek professional help. Regenera Activa is one of the most popular hair treatment that combats hair loss.

It is a new approach that relies on capillary regeneration technology in combating hair loss. Using the hair follicles from your own scalp to stimulate the regenerative process of renewing and growing new hair – patients are able to effectively combat, delay and prevent hair loss.

How it works is simply by extracting hair from the back of the head, mixing it with a potent solution, and then injecting it into the affected areas of the scalp. Regenera Activa is one of the safest and most effective hair transplant procedures available in Singapore and is a pain-free method to encourage hair growth. Essentially, Regenera Activa helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp – and reactivate your hair follicles.

Regenera Activa is available at The Clifford Clinic.

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