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The most and least romantic airports in the world

KAYAK.sg reveals the most and least romantic airports around the world

With Valentine’s Day coming up, KAYAK.sg compared airports globally to see just how long – in free minutes – that final passionate embrace can last, before security shows up to move things along.

Tokyo Haneda, Beijing Capital International, and Hong Kong International are among the most romantic airports in the world, with 30 free minutes for last-minute loving at their “Kiss and Fly” zones.

Paris may be the city of love, but travellers at Charles de Gaulle need to keep that amorous goodbye to a concise 10 minutes in the drop off zone. In major American airports such as New York’s JFK, San Francisco International, and Los Angeles International, goodbyes are a mere formality, with barely enough time for departees to disembark their vehicle before it is promptly ushered from the ‘Kiss & Fly’ zone.

Closer to home, free parking time in ‘Kiss & Fly’ zones varies greatly between airports. As the largest airports in China and some of the busiest worldwide, Beijing Capital International and Hong Kong International airports ensure those loving moments together linger, with a generous 30 minutes of potentially awkward free parking time.

Denpasar Ngurah Rai airport on the other hand, keeps love on the down-low, and vehicles in motion, with zero free minutes. Shenzhen Bao’an International and Guangzhou Baiyun International airports come in at a more reasonable 15 minutes, while Singapore Changi restricts free time to 10 minutes. World's most romantic airports to Kiss and Fly