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Photographer splashes liquid on models to create amazing costumes

As Edna Mode from The Incredibles would go, what makes a superhero costume? Of course, maybe some cloth, or sequins and lots, lots, lots of spandex. Probably no one would ever think of mentioning paint. Yes, dripping, cold and thick paint.

But that’s exactly what London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz did. He splashed paint on different models to create stunning effects – replicas of the different superheroine costumes.

All I see here is the incredible amount of work put behind the scenes for this photo shoot. Amazing!
Sexy in green

These photos are for his 2015 calendar – Splash Heros, a limited edition 2015 calendar featuring a stunning reinterpretation of superheroine costumes.

As you would have thought, the process needed to create such extraordinary images is as complex and time consuming as you’d imagine: part fashion shoot, part digital composition, with Wieczorkiewicz painstakingly blending both art forms to create the magical final resort.

It seems Wonder Woman may need a new costume
These heroines really do look more kickass in paint!
Extremely cool and suave in black

In just the one shot you see, hair, facial expression and poses all need to be perfect. One picture is built out of approximately, a whooping 200 pictures. The paint and milk splashes are slowly layered over the base shot.

Now we also gain a new sense of admiration for the model, who stands in the cold (almost naked, just in her unmentionables) as milk or paint is splashed over her, over and over again.

A stunning spectrum of colours
I wonder how long they took to get this shot together!

These stunning photos will all be compiled in a 2015 calendar, which you can pre-order here.

Amazing, we say. But amazing too seems to be an understatement. We take our hats off you people.