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5 Nostalgic Finds In Tiong Bahru

Remnants of old Singapore that have survived in this hipster haunt

By Pamela Chow

13918479859_6bd86e3977_z (Photo David Shamma Flickr)

Photo: David Shamma / Flickr

Look past the surge of hipster cafes and barbers in Tiong Bahru, and one can still catch a glimpse of that old Singapore in the popular enclave.

One of the oldest housing estates in Singapore, Tiong Bahru was an upper-class enclave during the pre-World War II years. It was also the place where the rich and powerful kept their mistresses - hence its lesser-known nickname, Mei Ren Wo ("nest of beauties" in Chinese).

Here are five gems that you can explore in Tiong Bahru that would whisk you back to the olden days of yore.

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Photos: The Singapura Club / Facebook

4. The Tiong Bahru Club Singapura

This eatery under The Singapura Club chain of restaurants is where you can go for a modern take on heritage-inspired food.

Situated along Eng Hoon Street, this vintage bistro channels Tiong Bahru’s historical heritage with antique furnishings and almost-forgotten Asian cuisines. Its menu is as diverse as Singapore is, offering dishes spanning from North Indian to Peranakan.

The Tiong Bahru Club Singapura, Blk 57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-88, Singapore (160057)

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