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5 Horror Stories of Sim Lim Square

With all the hype surrounding the newest Sim Lim Square case, it is easy to forget the ones that preceded it. You think that was bad? You don’t know Sim Lim.

At this point, we are wondering if Sim Lim Square’s tenants use Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) summons as toilet paper. How else would you explain the dozens of horror stories from this place and yet no substantial legal action taken against it? Believe me, there were plenty more cases swept under the rug.

We start with the most recent.


#1 Paying $2450 for an iPhone 6 from MobileAir

Mr Pham Van Thoai wanted to surprise his girlfriend with an iPhone 6 for her birthday. After months of saving his $200/month pay, he managed to raise $950 for the purchase. But as it turns out, the $950 he paid was only for the iPhone 6 itself – with an additional warranty priced at $1500. Helpless at the scam unfolding in front of him, My Pham knelt down and begged for his money back, while the shop attendants simply laughed at him.

The case has since been picked up by parody account SMRT (Feedback), who have exacted their idea of revenge on the despicable shop owner, Jovan Chew. Funds for Mr Pham have since been raised and the man has accepted only $550 of it.


#2 Paying $430 for a digital compact camera from JW World

Jason Lim did well for his examinations the year before, earning himself a small monetary reward from his parents. Combined with his savings, he went into JW World looking for a Samsung EX1. He asked a secondhand model of the camera and confirmed the price of $250 with the salesman. But upon entering into the register, the bill came up to $430 due to accessories that came with the phone.

He did not have that amount in his bank and asked to cancel his order but two tattooed youngsters suddenly came up behind him. Offering to take him to a coffee-shop for a drink, they begun pressuring Jason to call his friends or family for money to settle the remaining $180. Realizing he was trapped, he paid them through a friend’s bank transfer.


#3 Paying $1,760 for a Camcorder from Compact Electronics

Chinese national Chen Tao was looking to purchase a camcorder. Confused by the similar sounding brands (Sanyo, Sony) that the salesman was offering, he ended up paying $1,760 for a camcorder, which goes for only $700 online. The shop owner insisted it was a package deal and did not resolve the issue.

But still, Sanyo and Sony are pretty easy to tell between. Who is wrong and right? We are on the fence for this case.


#4 Paying $812 for an iPhone 4 from Cyber Mastro

Mr Faisal Khan was disgusted with the service at Sim Lim Square. He bought an iPhone 4, quoted by the salesman to be $699 with 7% GST and 3% credit card charge, with a warranty that activates upon purchase. Yet when he received his bill, it was at an extravagant $812. The salesman simply took his credit card and wiped for payment while explaining vaguely where the charges came from.

The warranty ended up being for only a few months but by then, Mr Faisal had given up all hopes of getting any justice from the shop.


#5 Paying for a jailbreak service: $515 from iGadget

Chinese national Dew Dew was trying to unlock her iPhone, as she had recently upgraded it and she now requires a micro SIM. The store told her they could unlock her SIM card for $60. She haggled back, offering $100 if they could unlock the SIM card and help her jailbreak her phone. They agreed on the amount, but when the final bill came, it was at a staggering $515.

She refused to pay and in the end, managed to get a full refund. (for full story , click here)

Now tell me, will you still patronize Sim Lim Square?