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5 awesome things to do with your Instagram photos

We love snapping and uploading Instagram photos, and some of them are so gorgeous. Isn’t it a pity that they’ll have to remain virtual trophies forever?

Not anymore! Here are 5 ways to turn your favourite Instagram shots into customised gifts – whether to your loved ones or yourself!

1. Make them into marshmallows



You read that right: real, edible marshmallows! Now you can have your selfie and eat it too. London-based company Boomf will make this magic happen, and they ship worldwide!

2. Make one-of-a-kind phone cases

Displaying photos on your phone casing is like wearing your heart on your sleeve – in the best way possible! Show off your top Insta-hits in a montage of colours, or capture the best moments with stylish typographical designs. Casetify also ships worldwide for this service.

3. Make them into tile magnets for your fridge


4. Print them into photostrips

Adopt the classic photobooth look for your Instagram favourites! This makes them look classier and more organised as well. Remember to play with border colours!

5. Make patterned clothespins for a pretty garland

This idea is so simple, yet so elegant. Spruce up your clothespins by printing out your Instagram photos, snipping them into even pieces, and gluing each onto a clothespin. You can now use these pins to hang even more Instagram photos in a garland!

By Pamela Chow