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Takeaway From One World: Together At Home Virtual Concert

Did you manage to catch One World: Together At Home Virtual Concert last weekend?

The virtual concert was a collaboration between the World Health Organization and Global Citizen that took place on 18 April 2020.

The global broadcast & digital special which was watched by more than 17 million audiences feature famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Jennifer Lopez and more.

But the funny thing is this…Instead of focusing on the music and songs, people actually focused on others as details such as… Charlie Puth’s bed…

He even went on to Twitter to make a confession. Isn’t he cute?

Let’s be honest here. Not everyone makes their bed right?

Nonetheless, it was a lighthearted joke to put a smile on everyone’s faces during the sensitive period.

Instead of Taylor Swift’s beautiful voice, people were all raving about how beautiful her room’s wallpaper was.

It is now the highly searched keyword on google – Taylor Swift Wallpaper! Truth to be told, instead of her room’s wallpaper, you may end up with wallpapers for your phone or desktop!

You can see beautiful green scenery from Lady Gaga’s window.

Do a search on YouTube and you will realize that she was playing and singing to this script. This is so Lady Gaga indeed. Deep and mysterious.

As for Sir Elton John, he performed his hit song “I’m Still Standing” in his back garden.

Some noticed his basketball hoop and said “When Elton John is finished singing, I want to see him throw down a 360 windmill dunk.”

John Legend and Sam Smith performed a duet of Stand By Me but the viewers were distracted by the details in John Legend’s house. He sat and sang at the piano and beside the piano was shelves of his many awards, including several Grammy’s.

While fans of Jessie J were blown away by her impressive vocals,  some were left astounded by her lavish home. People were even convinced that she was living in a luxury hotel.

Jacky Cheung who performed “Touch of Love” in the broadcast was so shy about showing his place to the globe that he chose to sing with his blinds rolled down. What a humble man, we say.


Miss The Rolling Stones? This is probably the closest you will get to see them perform. Charlie Watts also showed off his improvised and invisible drum kit!

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