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Hossan-ah! The funny man is back!

Local comedian Hossan Leong back and soaring into 2015 with a new show dedicated to his loyal followers

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While many of us will be welcoming 2015 with parties and friends, funny man Hossan Leong has another kind of celebration in mind.

The 45-year-old actor is starting the milestone year – Singapore’s 50th birthday – with HOSSAN-AH!, a medley of song, dance and stand-up routines that salute the Singaporeans who built Singapore.

We caught up with Hossan amidst his busy preparations just before the show is launched, to find out more about what we can look forward to in HOSSAN-AH! as well as his plans to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Apart from HOSSAN-AH! what else have you been busy with?

2015 kicks off with HOSSAN-AH! Then I’ll be performing at Resorts World Sentosa in a show called the Great World Cabaret, in February.

On the Mar 19 and 20, I’m performing my first French show called Voyage Voyage at the Alliance Française, then it’s Dim Sum Dollies, History of Singapore Part 1.

Could you tell us more about your new production in your own words?

It’s a tribute to the pioneer generation. I know that phrase is being used to death but how often do we stop and thank them? Our superheroes, our family, our influences.

You’ve portrayed a range of diverse characters. Is there a particular role you’ve yet to play that you’d love to?

Bucket list role? The Engineer in Ms Saigon.

If you were not a comedian, what would you be?

A flight attendant. In hospitality or in the service industry… I’m a people-person.

Expect lots of funny moments on HOSSAN-AH!

What do you think is the best quality that many Singaporeans have?

You may not agree but I think we have a warmth that exudes… We just need to learn to smile more.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in your life?

So many funny moments in my life… I can’t pinpoint any really! I will tell some of these funny moments in the show though!

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Who would you love to sing a duet with?

Stefanie Sun. I first met her in 2000 when she first launched her first single. Such a nice, talented girl. I’ll even sing in Mandarin. What say you, Stef?

If you were a superhero, who would your sidekick be and what powers would he or she have?

I’d love to be Wolverine, with that self-healing ability and claws! Mystique would be my side-kick. I think I’d like these two choices to be interchangeable.

HOSSAN-AH! will run from 28 Jan to 1 Feb at the Drama Centre Theatre. Tickets at sistic.com.sg

By Lester J Wan & Pamela Chow