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We catch up with Chris Daughtry at ION

 Did you know Chris Daughtry was right here in Singapore at ION Orchard yesterday? We catch up with his shopping woes

Chris is looking dapper in his dark colored outfit

It was a midday afternoon at ION Sky when Chris Daughtry waltzed into the room, on time and all smiles. The room was electrified as he interacts with the crowd while Kiss 92FM DJ Maddy grills him about wearing skinny jeans to meet us as he promised!

So Chris, how are you enjoying Singapore this time, are they bringing you around?

I love it! We actually just got here yesterday morning.

The first time you were here, you were here to perform for the F1 concert and you didn’t get much time.

I think that was the 3rd or 4th time I was here actually. We didn’t have much time to go around – we generally have a crazy schedule and we were all so jet-lagged. So when there is time, we try to go out and do something.

Well we heard that last night they brought you out to Dempsey for dinner!

Yes it was great.

Chris Daughtry is adding his own touch to a painting from the MINDS children

You have 4 kids, how are they!

Yeah, well, 2 of them aren’t kids anymore. It gets expensive when they are not kids huh! We are just counting the days they grow up and finally on their own.

Do friends and family give you a shopping list when you travel?

No, I don’t give them that option. It is too much to take back home. I never really gotten really into the whole souvenirs thing. I did once, when I first started touring, and I just felt like they didn’t appreciate it!

So now you just buy for yourself?

Yeah! Since they didn’t appreciate it, I’m like, you know what, no more! Just for me, or nothing.

Chris looking mighty smiley as he poses for the camera

Do you like shopping?

Unfortunately, a little too much. I used to have to buy a suitcase for them and I might have to stop that (laughs)

Well don’t stop, ION has some great stuff!

Yeah I probably need to get another suitcase!

By Nicole Lee