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Tammy: A summer smash

#88_ent_TD-05009rv2A small-town woman embarks on a crazy road trip after being fired and finding out that her sleazy husband is cheating
on her

Tammy (played by the lively Melissa McCarthy) thinks her life is perfect, until it all falls apart.

One day, Tammy wrecks her car and gets fired from her job at a burger joint. Instead of finding comfort at home, she finds her husband getting comfortable with the neighbour.

Her profane, hard-drinking grandma, Pearl (played by screen legend Susan Sarandon), becomes her only option. She has a car, the funds and an itch to see the Niagara Falls – not exactly Tammy’s idea of a getaway but being on the road with Pearl riding “shotgun” may be just what she needs.

#88_ent_TD-07970rDynamic Husband & Wife Duo

Despite having received mixed reviews from critics for Identity Thief and The Heat, McCarthy’s popularity makes her an easy choice for the female lead. Is Warner Bros banking on the fans once more?

The idea for Tammy came to writer and director Ben Falcone in a dream six years ago, even before his wife, McCarthy, became a household name. He always thought that she could channel the Midwestern lady.

The duo has previously made comedy magic, especially in the hilarious air marshal scene from the 2011 box office smash Bridesmaids. This time, Falcone plays the grumpy boss that fires Tammy.

Said Falcone, “She threw burgers in my face so many times!”

Just like in Bridesmaids, Tammy’s wild road trip promises edgy humour, mixed with heartfelt moments.

Behind the camera, the dynamic duo of husband and wife is building a comedy empire, one raunchy joke at a time, through their own production company, On the Day. Tammy is their first outing as big screen producers.

Comedic Heroine

Watch McCarthy as she boldly challenges the comedy landscape by proving she could be just as loud and vulgar as her male counterparts! Whether in the scene where she tries to rob a fast food chain with her grandma, or when she’s running away from traffic police, no one can resist having a roaring good time with McCarthy.

Like Falcone, we cannot imagine the female lead to be anyone else.

Tammy [NC16]

DIRECTOR: Ben Falcone
STARRING: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Gary Cole, Mark Duplass & Allison Janney
GENRE: Comedy, Drama
RUN LENGTH: 97 min