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Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Legend reborn

This rebooted anime classic comes to the big screen

Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a classic Japanese manga and anime series about a renegade space captain who rebelled against Earth’s government. The popular anime series screened on television in the late ‘70s, with re-runs through the ‘80s.

Now, this much-anticipated reboot of the classic story comes to the big screen, showcasing to the world the best of modern-day Japanese sci-fi fantasy and technology, with amazing CGI superpowers as well as unprecedented budget.

Expect an action-packed adventure
Expect an action-packed adventure

The Story So Far…

The year is 2977, and 500 billion human beings have been exiled from Earth to live on other planets in the galaxy. With Earth as one of the few remaining precious resources in the galaxy, a war erupts between various legions, on who would get to repopulate Earth.

The Gaia Coalition is formed to bring the war to an end. They declare Earth a sanctuary to which no one will populate or harvest from. Earth has now been established as a symbol for order, one that others can only admire from afar while awaiting their inevitable demise.

Miyuki Sawashiro, famous for other Sci-Fi anime films, voices Kei
Miyuki Sawashiro, famous for other Sci-Fi anime films, voices Kei

Captain Harlock & Crew

Now, the galaxy’s one and only hope of salvation, Captain Harlock and his crew, is the one thing standing between the Gaia Coalition and intergalactic supremacy. Captain Harlock leads the Arcadia (his battleship) into the galaxy, hunting down those who have wronged him.

Harlock and his crew embark on a mission to rescue the human race from imminent doom. He seeks to undo the “Noses of Time”, in order to send Earth back to the age when it was still inhabited by humans, a time before the population explosion.

Captain Harlock has built a motley crew that is fully loyal to him and his cause. When his mysterious past clashes with his dream to restore Earth, his crew’s loyalty is put to the test.

Will the motley crew remain loyal?
Will the motley crew remain loyal?

Space Pirate Shun Oguri

The film boasts an all-star voiceover cast from the Japanese film industry. Haruma Miura plays the assassin who hunts Captain Harlock, alongside Japanese superstars such as Yu Aoi (All About Lily Chou-Chou), Arata Furuta (Part of renowned theatrical troupe Gekidan Shinkansen) and Ayano Fukuda (Kekkon Shinai).

The actor graced with the honour of playing the part of the titular hero, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, is none other than Shun Oguri. Oguri is a Japanese film superstar who made his name as a talented young actor with his performance in Crows Zero (2007), which earned him Best Actor in the 17th Japan Movie Critics Awards.

He is most famous for his roles in Robot Contest, The Woodsman and the Rain, as well as his voice acting in the Japanese dub of Surf’s Up (2007).

Space Pirate Captain Harlock brings to the big screen a stellar cast of actors and film crew. It also boasts never-before-seen CGI technology.

This renewed tale of galactic adventure and intrigue is a must-watch for all sci-fi and anime fans.



Director: Shinji Aramaki
Starring: Shun Oguri, Haruma Miura, Yu Aoi, Arata Furuta, Ayano Fukuda & Maaya Sakamoto
Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi, Action
Run Length: 112 min
Release: 17 Jul