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Would You Play This Terrifying Online Game?

Upcoming summer thriller Nerve has dropped its first trailer, and it looks spine-chillingly good

By Pamela Chow

In this new movie, a mass-multiplayer game of Truth or Dare has gone viral. Log onto the game and you’ll be asked to choose: do dares, or watch other people make a fool of themselves on camera.

Hey, it’s all seemingly harmless fun, right?

Emma Roberts’ uptight, goody-two-shoes character decides to take on this “easy” challenge. However, as the trailer shows, she will come to regret it as there’s more to the game than just silly dares.

Watch the trailer here and decide: Will you watch, or will you play?

It looks like a thrilling ride, and I have but one gripe about it – give Dave Franco back his luscious locks, please.

Nerve will show in theatres from Jul 27.