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Hong Kong stars Chapman To, Aimee Chan to grace red carpet here

Hong Kong actors Chapman To and Aimee Chan, among others, will attend the Gala Premiere of Let’s Eat! here


Hong Kong actors Chapman To (left) and Aimee Chan on the set of To’s directorial debut, Let’s Eat!

On Feb 1, popular Hong Kong celebrities Chapman To, Aimee Chan and Lo Hoi Pang will be in town for the Gala Premiere of Hong Kong movie Let’s Eat! Accompanying them are C-Kwan of Hong Kong hip-hop duo Fama, Malaysian actors Tommy Kuan and Daphne Low and Singapore’s own comedian Patricia Mok.

Let’s Eat! is To’s directorial debut, in which the actor also appears. In the movie, the owner of a popular Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant entrusts ownership to his apprentice, Head Chef Dai Hung (Chapman To), and his Europe-educated daughter, Rosemary (Aimee Chan).

However, after revamping the eatery, Rosemary is faced with falling popularity and flak from food critics. Determined to save the business, she enters a regional cooking competition. How will Rosemary save her father’s culinary baby from closing shop, and what witty banters can we expect between these comical Hong Kong stars?

Watch the trailer for Let’s Eat! here:

By Pamela Chow

The Let’s Eat! Gala Premiere is held on Feb 1, and the movie airs here from Feb 5.