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‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Trailer: Get Ready For Live-Action Pokémon!

Ryan Reynolds is a furry little Pikachu

Photos: Warner Bros./YouTube

While we’re still buzzing about the new Toy Story 4 trailer, Warner Bros. decided to skyrocket the cinematic cuteness by releasing the first official trailer of Detective Pikachu.

For the first time, the Pokémon franchise is going live-action! That’s right; we’re getting realistic-looking, CGI versions of Pikachu and the rest of our favourite Pokémon creatures. The movie is also based on a Nintendo video game of the same name, released worldwide in March 2018.

Get your first look of a very furry, very adorable Pikachu in the trailer below:

Yes, Pikachu talks here, too! Ryan Reynolds is doing a one-eighty, taking a break from the raunchy Deadpool to voice our beloved Pikachu.

From the trailer, we learn that Detective Pikachu is set in Ryme City, an urban and futuristic metropolis where humans and Pokémon co-exist peacefully. But how long would that last? When a detective goes missing, his young son Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) decides to investigate the disappearance, and help comes in the form of a furry yellow creature. It turns out Tim is the only who who can actually hear and understand what Pikachu says! How cool is that?

Did you spot all the various Pokémon that appeared in the trailer?

At the very beginning, there’s an adorable Charmander:

And there’s Bulbasaur, Mr Mime, and the fiery Charizard:

Jigglypuff is always one of our favourites:

We’re so in love with all the furry Pokémon above, but we gotta say, a realistic Psyduck creeps us out a bit:

What are your thoughts on the first Detective Pikachu trailer? Are the live-action Pokémon super cute, or nightmare-inducing? Can Hollywood actually pull off a good adaptation of our beloved Pokémon?

We’ll find out for ourselves when the movie hits theatres May 2019!

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