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Kung Fu Yoga: Jackie Chan Conquers Bollywood

The actor embarks on an action-packed global adventure from Western China to the Middle East and India

Photos: Courtesy of Golden Village

Jack (Jackie Chan) embarks on a wild adventure across Asia.

If you’ve ever thought Jackie Chan was a perfect candidate for the Asian equivalent of Indiana Jones, this movie is one to look out for. The action veteran appears in Kung Fu Yoga as Jack, a renowned archeology professor at the Terracotta Warrior Museum in Xi’an, China.

His life is thrown into mayhem when archaeologist Dr Ashmita (played by Disha Patani) arrives with a treasure map of the ancient Indian Kingdom of Magadha. Together with a ragtag team, the duo embark on an epic expedition across Tibet, Dubai and India, defying the odds to uncover the lost truth about the mystical Magadha.

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Actor Sonu Sood, who stars as Randall, follows Jack on his exciting journey. 

A spectacular global adventure

Audiences can expect plenty of fiery fists and high kicks from Chan in this Bollywood-Chinese action comedy. Another highlight that has garnered attention is the dramatically stunning environments the gang journeys to.

The film begins in Xi’an, one of China’s ancient cities and the burial site of the country’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. Traversing the country, the heroes arrive in Tibet, where they locate the frozen cave where the Magadha Royal Army had vanished more than a thousand years ago. In reality, this breath-taking sequence was filmed in Iceland.

Other beautiful locations that appear in Kung Fu Yoga include Dubai and India, where our heroes engage in an intensely high-speed car chase (Pssst… Chan races in a car with a lion in the back) and ultimately unearth the secrets of Magadha Kingdom.

Joining the diverse cast is Bollywood star Disha Patanim (second from left).

Exo member Lay Zhang appears as one of Jack’s students.

Jackie goes to Bollywood

Another moment to look out for is Chan delivering slick moves in his desi dance sequence for the movie, as revealed in the official trailer. The clip shows Chan clad in a mustard kurta (a traditional Indian upper garment) grooving to a Bollywood beat, choreographed by renowned Indian director Farah Khan.

Recalling working with Chan, Khan enthuses, “It was fantastic. He’s a 60-year-old but behaves like a newcomer on the sets — he was there [on time] at 6.30am. He [also] threw a lavish party for us.”

If you have any doubts about Chan’s moves, co-star Patani has vouched that he is “a very good dancer”. All that time spent with South Korean pop singers must have rubbed off on him — Chan has been filming with names like Choi Si-Won of Super Junior for 2015’s Dragon Blade and Huang Zitao, formerly from Exo, in last year’s Railroad Tigers.

In Kung Fu Yoga, Chan works with Lay Zhang, a current member of Exo, as well as Hong Kong actor and singer Aarif Rahman. With the kung fu and dancing aspects settled, where does yoga come in? Perhaps that’s a greater mystery to be unravelled.


Director: Stanley Tong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Lay Zhang, Sonu Sood & Aarif Rahman
Genre: Action, Comedy
Run length: TBA
Release: 26 Jan

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