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A Joseph Schooling Photo Book Is Coming Your Way

Private moments of our homegrown Olympian gold medalist, as captured by photographer Alvin Toh

Photos: The Schooling Effect Facebook Page

Were you, like many Singaporeans, proud as punch when Joseph Schooling clinched Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold medal?

Or perhaps, waved in exuberance when the swim star made his way down your neighbourhood during his victory parade?

If so, here’s news that will make you smile. A photo book titled ‘Hello, My Name Is Joseph Schooling’ will be available at major bookstores by late next week.


According to Facebook Page ‘The Schooling Effect’, the photo book will feature previously unseen and unpublished images of the Olympian gold medalist, as shot by photographer Alvin Toh.

The photographer had been granted exclusive access to Joseph Schooling and his family on several occasions, allowing him to capture many precious and private moments seldom seen by others.

Our best guess is that this photo book may feature scenes of his rigorous training and snippets of his more relaxed side, peppered with wise anecdotes like these, “A big part of being an athlete means accepting the fact that I will always be scrutinised, in and out of the pool. Having a photographer tailing me for an extended period of time is something I am still trying to get used to, but I believe and hope that these previously unseen images of me, and of the people dear to me, will bring all of us closer together.”

As we wait with bated breath for the photo book, word has it that there’ll be a book signing session with the champion himself, in late November.