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‘Frozen 2’ Trailer: Is That Elsa’s Girlfriend?

We’ve got so many theories we can’t let go

Photos: Disney / YouTube

Disney surprised us all when they dropped the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2 on Wednesday night, and the surprises didn’t stop there. For a short, just-below-two-minutes video in which not a single word was spoken, the trailer manages to stir up a whole lot of excitement, questions and fan theories.

Six years after the smash hit animated movie Frozen took the world by winter storm, the sequel will hit cinemas on 22 November 2019. We’re still singing along to “Let It Go” every chance we get, so it’s no huge surprise to know that the Frozen 2 trailer sets the new record for the most-watched animated movie trailer ever in the first 24 hours.

All we have for a synopsis right now is that sisters Elsa and Anna will be leaving their royal kingdom of Arendelle and journeying far into foreign lands to uncover an ancient, possibly supernatural mystery. Based on the trailer, Kristoff, his moose Sven, and our favourite snowman Olaf, will all be accompanying them on this mission. They’ll need all the help they can get, because whatever they’re doing looks seriously dangerous.

But, perhaps more than figuring out the plot, most fans on the Internet are curious about one thing: is Elsa getting a girlfriend?

If she is, might Disney have just revealed who her new GF is? Keep your eye out for the red-haired girl standing in a pile of autumn leaves as you watch the trailer:

What do you think? Could we be getting lesbian Elsa, and could Autumn Girl be her girlfriend?

Many fans have long voiced their hopes that Disney would #GiveElsaAGirlfriend – that’s a legit big trend on Twitter that started in 2016. Frozen writer and co-director Jennifer Lee didn’t confirm or deny it, responding to the rumours and demands with a simple “We’ll see where we go.”

Some fans have also come up with other theories about who Autumn Girl could be. She appears with another new character, a blond boy about her age. One theory suggested was that they could be Anna and Kristoff’s children? Though that would be so cute, we think there’s no way that’s possible. Their hairstyles made look a bit different this time, but Anna and Kristoff haven’t aged a bit!

A more likely possibility fans brought up is that the two new characters could be younger versions of Anna and Elsa’s parents, the late King and Queen of Arendelle. That means that scene is a flashback, and Frozen 2 might be digging into a magic in the family that could have been passed down to Elsa.

Speaking of Elsa, wow does our queen look more in her element than ever before!

Seeing her tie that ponytail just added 10 years to our lives. She was running on water like Jesus, so in control of her powers now, and unafraid to use them to save her friends!

At the same time, the dark and suspenseful tone of the trailer is making us a little anxious. Is there going to be a war of the seasons? Are Anna and Elsa seeking out people with powers of other seasons to help them in a mission?

Something is definitely up with the weather again, because these are not normal snowflakes Anna is staring at:

Thank goodness the whole gang is together this time – we can’t wait to see Elsa and Kristoff interact! We even find ourselves hoping Prince Hans makes a surprise appearance in Frozen 2.

All will be revealed in November, and you can bet we’ll be counting the days.