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Fluffy’s Pet Tips: Taking care of your hamster

Planning on getting a hamster? Make sure you read these important tips first!

Hamsters may be small but the responsibilities are in no way less

Hamsters are small and generally easier to care for. But that does not mean your responsibility in taking care of them can be taken lightly.

Tip 1: Know that Some are Social & Some Anti-social

Most dwarf hamsters are happy with company if they had been living together from a young age. However, there are some hamsters that do not enjoy company.

Syrian hamsters, for example, are solitary animals by nature. They prefer to live alone and will not hesitate to inflict serious injury on
one another.

With this in mind, make sure you ask your pet professional on the preferred living arrangements for your hamster.

Tip 2: Prevent Unwanted Breeding

Separate the male and female hamsters to prevent unwanted breeding. This is crucial because hamsters mature quickly and can reproduce even at one month old.

If not separated, they can continue to breed every month and produce a litter between two and ten babies each time.

Now, that’s a lot of hamsters! Therefore, it’s best to only keep social hamsters of the same sex together.


To find out more about responsible pet ownership, please visit: www.petsforlife.com.sg