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Fluffy’s Pet Diary: Things to do with your pet on weekends

Does the sky look clear for the weekend? If it does, why not take your pet out with you for a sail?

The weekend is coming! Are you planning to bring your pet out? Here are some places where you and your furry darling can kick back together

Does the sky look clear for the weekend? If it does, why not take your pet out with you for a sail?
Does the sky look clear for the weekend? If it does, why not take your pet out with you for a sail?

Hi, I’m Fluffy! My owner Franky’s holidays have started and we are brainstorming together for ideas on where we could enjoy the weekends together.

Franky says more places have become dog-friendly in recent years and he listed a few spots that we can head to this weekend. Which one of these looks like the best option for you?

A walk in a park

Bishan Park has a designated run area for dogs. There are two dog enclosures to separate the big dogs from the small ones. Owners can chat with fellow dog-lovers in the area.

You could also drop by the dog-friendly Canopy Restaurant afterwards for a meal or a cup of coffee.

Grab a Bite at a Dog-Friendly Cafe

On that note, another dog-friendly place, Cafe Melba, is famous for its delicious thin-crust pizza. Families are encouraged to come with their dogs and spend some quality time together.

The dogs can laze around and stay hydrated with the water bowls provided for them. It’s a shame that there’s no doggie food here!

Eating and Exercising

Paw Pet-radise is a new, super woofy place along Balestier Road. This cafe serves both human and dog food – owners can unwind here with a cup of coffee as they catch up with their friends.

Oh, did I mention that they stock an adorable doggie treadmill too? If your pet is up for it, take him for a whirl!

Sail to Sea with your Pet

Have you heard of pet cruises? Punggol Marina Country Club offers a two-hour cruise on a boat equipped with doggie life jackets, dog bowls and bottled water.

If your pooch enjoys popping his head out when you drive, imagine the fun he would have with the stronger and fresh sea breeze!

Bask on the Beach

Tanjong Beach Club welcomes dog owners to bring their beloved pets for a walk along their shore. In fact, it is usual for dogs and owners to share beach chairs and revel in the view together at the club.

Further down Tanjong Beach Club is Coastes, a dog-friendly place as well. It offers miniature bean bags for the little furry ones to nuzzle down and relax while their owners enjoy a beer.

There are so many options for us to enjoy ourselves over the weekend. Franky and I decided to spread these options over his school holidays, starting with the beach! Hopefully, we can meet other doggies at the beach too.

What about you? How are you and your pet going to spend the weekend together?

To find out more about responsible pet ownership, please visit: www.petsforlife.com.sg