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5 Meaningful Places to Pay Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

As the first death anniversary of Lee Kuan Yew approaches, we take a look at where you can go to pay tribute

By Pamela Chow

Lee Kuan Yew was the People’s Action Party’s first founding Secretary-General, as well as our first Prime Minister. He passed aged 91 on Mar 23 last year.

It has been almost one year since then. To pay tribute and in remembrance of Mr Lee, here are five places or events you can go to over this weekend or throughout the next week.

(Photo: The Straits Times)

1. A walking tour in remembrance

How many of us are familiar with the real man behind Mr Lee’s public persona? How was he as a friend, son, a father and a husband? What were his likes and dislikes? What were his personal values?

This walking tour by Tribe introduces a guided trail that unravels the personal life of Mr Lee from boyhood to adulthood.

100 per cent of proceeds for the month of March, and 10 per cent of nett proceeds for subsequent months, will go to charity.

2. A portrait made of Singapore flag erasers

Homegrown business Munch Munch, the National Youth Council and Youth Corps Singapore will put up an art installation: a portrait of Mr Lee made of 4,877 Singapore flag erasers.

Measuring 3.1m by 2.3m, this momentous installation titled “Our Father, Our Country, Our Flag” will be displayed from Mar 20-27 at the recently launched Red Box, opposite Cineleisure, which was named after the legendary briefcase of Mr Lee.

(Photo: channelnewsasia.com)

3. View photographs of Mr Lee at work

Weekender understands from channelnewsasia.com that from Mar 19-27, the public can visit three remembrance sites at Duxton Plain Park in Tanjong Pagar, Istana Park, as well as outside Parliament House along the Singapore River.

There, you can view a variety of photo panels chronicling Mr Lee’s life’s work, including of his contributions to Tanjong Pagar (where he was a Member of Parliament for 60 years).

[PHOTO] Madame Tussauds Singapore - Lee Kuan Yew

4. See and photograph a loving sight

Madame Tussauds will be displaying the figures of Mr Lee and his wife, Madam Kwa Geok Choo, at the courtyard right outside the building for public viewing.

The figures were sculptured in 2014 based on a photo taken by Mrs Lee’s niece in Sentosa on Valentine’s Day 2008. Prior to this set of figures, the late Mr Lee  did a sitting with Madame Tussauds in 1997.

The display of the couple will be on display from Mar 23-27. Members of the public are welcome to take photos with the figure of the couple, and those who wish to bring flowers as a gesture may do so.

(Photo: wordyourstory.com)

5. See artwork from an artist’s solo exhibition

Singapore-born visual communicator, Sharlene Leong, will be featuring over 10 artworks of Mr Lee in different eras of his life, featuring powerful quotes and memorable expressions uttered by the man himself.

The exhibition will be held from now until Mar 31 at the basement of Palais Renaissance, and open for viewing from 10am-10pm. More information can be found here.

By Pamela Chow