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Why China’s Xiamen Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

China’s “most romantic leisure city” beckons with its slow pace of life and high quality of living

Compared to the rest of China, especially Beijing and Shanghai, Xiamen is a slow-paced city. Nobody seems to be in a rush to get anywhere, and as a result, people are friendly and very patient. Whether your interests lie in the arts, nature, or good food, Xiamen has got something to cater.

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Kulangsu, UNESCO World Heritage Site

When talking about Xiamen, the first place that comes to mind has got to be the island of Kulangsu, a pedestrian-only island that bans both cars and bicycles. There are Nanyang-style old villas, literary shops selling every little trinkets you could possibly think of, unrivaled sea views, and a whole bunch of other tourist attractions. If you’re really keen to soak up all the island has to offer, we recommend at least spending one night.

The Sunlight Rock (日光岩)

Visit the various attractions around the island like the shuzhuang garden (菽庄花园), the piano museum, and the Sunlight Rock (日光岩), the highest point in Kulangsu. Also of interest would be the numerous consulates and chapels left behind on the island from decades ago.

Danny Bear Shop (丹尼熊 爱.旅行)

Take it slow on the second day and traipse through little stores, sip on some coffee, take plenty of photos, and shop intricate souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. 

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