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World Vegan Month 2018: Where To Eat And What To Do In Singapore

It’s the best month to find out more about going vegan

November is World Vegan Month! It used to be just one World Vegan Day, on 1 November, but that slowly grew into World Vegan Week, and now we have a whole month to celebrate the vegan lifestyle every year, all over the world. More than just a fad, cutting out all animal ingredients from your diet and daily products goes far to benefit the planet, animals, and our own health.

More and more people around the world are adopting the vegan lifestyle, and that includes Singapore, too. Whether you’re already a vegan, or you’re vegan curious, we’ve got lots of ideas for how you can mark the special day and month with your loved ones in Singapore. Here’s a handy chart by Animal Allies Singapore, compiling the biggest activities lined up, followed by our own selected highlights:

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Soul Alife’s Buddha Bowl and Vegan Smoothie

1. Have a yummy vegan meal out

There are tons of vegan restaurants and cafes in Singapore today – take your pick! From vegan ice-cream and burgers, to colourful Buddha bowls and pastas, there’s something for everyone. We hear the new vegan fast food joint in Chinatown, Hello Baby, tastes as awesome as its name. If you’d like to meet new friends and find out more about the vegan lifestyle over food, join the healthy dinner meet-up hosted by Genesis Vegan Restaurant on 30 November. A range of comfort Asian food, made meatless and dairy-free, await there – we’re talking vegan laksa, dumplings, chicken rice, and even vegan fish head vermicelli!

For the sweet tooth, you’re not left out of the vegan fun. Sign up for the vegan desserts trail, which combines dairy-free sweets and drinks and Chinatown’s vibrant heritage, with proceeds going to a good cause!

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