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Ultraman Pop-up Experience At Night Safari

Night Safari welcomes two new titans – Ultraman and Merliger from now to 31 October 2022. This collaboration marks 55 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan.

Ultraman and Merliger, an incarnation of Singapore’s Merlion will be defending wildlife from the ecologically desructive Kaiju.

The appearance of kaiju such as Eleking III and Zumbolar in Night Safari has posed a threat to wildlife by causing pollution and habitat loss. You can do your part in helping Ultraman and Merliger fight off Kaiju through these activities.

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1. Ultra Digital Trial

Visitors can take part in a digital trail and venture to the park’s Naracoorte Cave to help Ultraman and Merliger fend off the Kaiju. Along the way, learn practical tips and fun facts on how you can contribute to protecting wildlife.

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