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Kid-Friendly Things to Do during This School Holiday 2021

Looking for activities to do with your child during the school holidays?

There are still a lot of kids-friendly activities for your kids to enjoy even when they are stuck at home!

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15. BBC Earth’s Snow of June

In the month of June, BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407 and BBC Player) shines the spotlight on the beauty and fragility of Mother Nature, and what we can do to save it.

Greta Thunberg: A Year To Change The World; follows the highly-influential 18-year-old Swedish environmentalist as she takes a year off from school to travel around the world to experience first-hand the devastating impacts to the environment. Furthermore, together with scientists and economists, seeks to make an impact on climate change.

Exploring the different environmental conservation efforts around the world, The Duke of Cambridge takes viewers to various continents such as Asia and Africa over two years in Prince William: A Planet For Us All; to advocate for the protection of our planet. Furthermore, taking a look at how its communities play a part in doing so. With the preciousness of Mother Nature in mind, Animal Einsteins documents the many animals and insects who inhabit it, and, with their different skillsets, how exactly they navigate this earth to survive, such as dung beetles who rely on the Milky Way to orient themselves.

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