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5 Best Escape Games In Singapore

Thrill-seekers and sharp sleuths, this is your time to shine

By Pamela Chow

Different escape games have come and gone but they are still very much in trend, especially with recent popular pop-up ones like an anime-inspired murder mystery and when Haw Par Villa transformed into a giant escape park.

We’ve updated our list of best escape games to suss out the most spine-chilling ones now open. If you’re hunting for your next adventure, check out these rooms that are now available, with thrilling themes that will keep you on your toes.

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Photo: Exit Plan SG

1. Pandora the Haunted

You’re trapped in an abandoned attic with a jammed door, and must find another way out. Suddenly, a child’s voice whispers from behind you,“Are you here to play with me?” You turn and see no one, but you can’t shake the feeling that someone or something is standing there in the dark…

On Exit Plan’s website, this game is rated 60 per cent on the scary scale, and has the lowest room brightness (25 per cent).

Exit Plan SG, 279 New Bridge Road, #03-01

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