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A Star Wars Rogue One Exhibition Is Now At VivoCity


Check out the 8m-tall AT-ACT, exclusive merchandise, VR experiences and more

Photos: Pamela Chow and Courtesy of VivoCity


Fans of the Star Wars universe who can’t wait for Rogue One, heads up. An interactive event space has opened at VivoCity’s Central Court (Level 1), where the public can step in to experience the world of the Empire, the Rebels and the new characters that will be introduced in Rogue One.

Running from now to 18 Dec, the event is marked by one eye-catching centrepiece: An 8m-tall AT-ACT Walker, scaled down from the one seen in the movies. The display officially weighs 3,160kg.


Here, visitors can also embark on the Rogue One Recon Mission, a virtual reality (VR) experience that takes you into the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter. Jet through space at hyperspeed, get dangerously close to the Imperial Forces and see the dramatic reveal of the Death Star.


Another highlight of the space are the life-sized Death Troopers – who are markedly taller than the regular Stormtroopers – that you can snap photos with. Also at the event are limited-edition movie memorabilia and collectibles for sale.

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Atrium Event will run until 18 Dec. Rogue One releases in theatres on 15 Dec.