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A New And Improved ‘Hunt The Mouse’ Cash Hunt Is Here, With Coins Worth Up To $5,000

Sqkii has updated and added new features based on your feedback

Photos: Sqkii

For about a month from December 2018 to this January, Sqkii got over 400,000 people across Singapore rummaging through bushes and scanning every small circular object on the ground, looking for a little shiny coin inscribed with a mouse. The 2018 edition of the ‘Hunt the Mouse’ cash hunt was an exciting one. Some of us cursed that sneaky, elusive mouse but gosh, do we still wish we were the lucky hunters who found the gold coin worth $100,000.

For those who can’t wait to get back in the game armed with your newly learned techniques, we’ve got good news – Sqkii has launched a new cash hunt! What’s more, the gameplay is improved with new features that we think you’ll love! The hunt is ongoing now since it started on 1 March 2019, and will continue indefinitely. That means that the Sqkii team will constantly be planting new coins around Singapore to be found and which can be exchanged for attractive cash rewards.

Visit the official ‘Hunt the Mouse’ website now to take part in the hunt!

Unfortunately for those who want to go all out, there will be no mind-boggling rewards as much as $100,000. This new ‘Hunt the Mouse’ hunt is a silver coins cash hunt – there are multiple silver coins hidden around Singapore, but no gold coin grand prize this time. The 2018 hunt was the first time Sqkii introduced the silver coins, each worth $1,000 in cash. They were a surprise hit, drawing more than 170,000 participants!

“Many participants shared that they enjoyed hunting for the silver coins even more than the gold coin,” Mr Kenny Choy, co-founder of Sqkii reports.

Currently, the silver coins dropped around Singapore for the ongoing cash hunt looks the same as they did in the 2018 hunt, pictured above. Do note that Sqkii is working on introducing an updated look of the coin, so it may change in the middle of the hunt. You can see what the specific coin you’re hunting looks like by simply clicking on its circle on the map!

Hunters will be pleased to know that the value of a silver coin is up to $5,000 this time! Sqkii is introducing a Tiered Rewards system, varying the cash reward of a found coin from $100 to $5,000. When it is first dropped, a coin will be worth the starting prize value of $5,000. Over the time it remains out in the wild, the value will decrease. Yup, this means you got to up your hunting game and find that coin faster, if you want to win $5,000 rather than $100. We really did not need this pressure, Sqkii!

You can learn the real-time prize value of a wild coin by looking at the colour of the circle on the interactive map online. A coin can vary between seven different possible values – $5,000, $3,000, $1,500, $1,000, $500, $200, and $100. There will also be unique prizes to be released on special occasions or events by Sqkii. In the example pictured above, the grey circle on the map indicates that the coin value is currently $1,000.

Click on the circle, and the website will tell you the specific time the circle will shrink next, narrowing down the location of the coin. You won’t want to miss it when it happens, because Sqkii is making the shrinking of a location circle more significant this time around! We’re talking as narrowed down as a 50m-wide circle on the map within six hours, for coins that do not get found even after a very long time.

And it still gets better: one-word hints will also be revealed on the map for those terribly elusive coins. If you still need help, look out for virtual huts that pop up randomly – they may contain just that additional hint you need to find that coin.

Sounds like Sqkii is making the coins much easier to find now, doesn’t it? We’re not complaining!

The new cash hunt is also going to involve the community in a whole new way. Anyone who thought hunting for cash prizes would create a cold competition among participants was proven mistaken when the 2018 hunt saw many hunters making new friends and working together as teams – just look at the gold coin winners! There were also instances of participants finding not coin prizes, but lost pets, personal belongings and even people.

It started out as an inadvertent interaction, but Sqkii is making the lost-and-found network a real feature in this new hunt. At the time of writing, it’s yet to be set up, but Sqkii has shared that the new feature will allow members of the public to post up their lost items and request for help from hunters to look for them as they are searching for the coins.

How sweet to be engage in the uplifting Singapore community spirit, while earning yourself some money. If you’re still hesitating whether to get back into the hunting field, we’ll leave you with this enticing image of the cash recently presented to the 2018 hunt winners, to help you make that decision:

Visit the FAQ page of the hunt for more information about the game mechanics and rules.