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Singapore’s Newest Attraction Bird Paradise Opens To Visitors From 8 May 2023

We have all bid farewell to Jurong Bird Park after 52 years and the new Bird Paradise is set to soft open on 8 May 2023 with a special soft opening entrance fee for visits until 26 May 2023.

Over 100 staff members have been busy making the big move from Jurong to Mandai. Focus to make the transition stress-free for both the birds and their caretakers.

Dr Luis Neves, Vice President of Animal Care, Mandai Wildlife Group, said, “More than 2,000 hours later and having covered distances of more than 1,800 kilometres since January, three-quarters of the birds have now been moved safely. The birds are adapting well to the new environment – most are curiously exploring their habitats, some were quick to feast on new varieties of fruit trees in the aviaries, while others got down to weaving nests on tree branches – these are all the beginnings of feeling at home at Bird Paradise. Our priority is to help them settle in and ultimately, we want to see that the birds are enjoying great welfare and adjusting well to their new habitats.”

What Can You Expect at The New Bird Park?

With 3,500 birds from over 400 avian species calling Asia’s largest Bird Park -Bird Paradise home, visitors can get up close with the world’s rarest and most colourful of birds.

Eight Walk-through Aviaries

Experience the different habitats of the world – from the dense African rainforests and South American wetlands to the Southeast Asian paddy fields, Australian dry eucalypt forests, and more.

Multiple species will co-exist in environments designed to resemble their natural habitats. Showcasing interactions with each other and their surroundings.

Heart of Africa

This exhibition pays homage to various African bird species. 80 species of birds are housed there. Including eight different species of Turacos, the largest held in a single area. There is the charismatic Great Blue Turaco, Livingstone’s Turaco, and White-crested Turaco.

At Kuok Group Wings of Asia, the Australian Pelicans, along with Black-faced Spoonbills and Milky Storks, can be seen wading through the shallow waters of rice terraces. While the Papuan Hornbills and Pied Imperial Pigeons gracefully soar overhead, creating a captivating and harmonious display of nature.

Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands

Over 40 species of birds now call the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands home. Be fascinated by the sea of red and pink birds with species like the Scarlet and Red-and-green Macaws, Scarlet Ibises, Roseate Spoonbills and American Flamingos.

Mysterious Papua

Designed after the landscape of the New Guinean coastal rainforest, you can spot striking species like the Southern Cassowary, Nicobar Pigeon. As well as friendly cockatoos. Such as the critically endangered White Cockatoo and the world’s largest population of Blue-eyed Cockatoos. Taken under human care, it takes centre stage amidst a backdrop of pandanus trees with their iconic stilt roots.

The Pangolin Adventure

Kids will love the Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout! As they can mimic the behaviour of the Sunda Pangolin at the playground. It is located at the Mandai Wildlife West, the new ungated public node that serves as the gateway to Bird Paradise.

Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove

Observe the penguins waddling under a domed sky with the projection of Aurora Australis around them. Home to four penguin species – the Gentoo Penguin, King Penguin, Humboldt Penguin and Northern Rockhopper Penguin. The Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove offers a fascinating look into the oceanic life of these birds.

Visitors to the new Bird Paradise can look forward to spotting several species. Such as the Goldie’s Lorikeet and European Bee-eater, making their debut.

Bird Paradise will be located at 20 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729825.