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Guide To Pokemon Go’s “Appraise” Phrases

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Find out the secret meanings behind the enigmatic “Appraise” feature


I named my Gyarados “Ebi”.

I thought I made a good choice when I picked Team Valo(u)r. It looked fierce and I didn’t want to end up in “Team Mistake” or “Team Extinct”.

But now that my Team Leader Candela (what kind of name is that anyway?) has begun making weird remarks that sound like back-handed compliments about my Gyarados and Slowbro, I started to question my decision.

Until I found out what exactly Candela meant by certain phrases. She didn’t mean to put down my Vaporeon; she just didn’t want me to waste any more Candy on it.

If you’re like me and were also struggling to decipher what your Team Leader meant by “Your Pokemon is pretty decent – but whoa! Its stats are really impressive!”, use this guide to find out what each phrase really means.

(Ballpark estimations courtesy of pokemongohub.net)

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