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11 Things To Geek Out Over At The Avengers Exhibition

Here’s a geeky peek into the exciting space before it opens this weekend

Photos: Pamela Chow

Update: Before the exhibition closes on 5 Mar, the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) is offering the Avengers Heroes Pass. The bundle promotion enables visitors to visit both the the Marvel’s Avengers STATION exhibition and SCS’s other exhibition galleries for as low as $18 (Singapore Resident child, UP $22) and $27 (Singapore Resident adult, UP $31). The Avengers Heroes Pass is valid for same day visits only and is available for purchase at SCS.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, particularly the Avengers and its nemeses, you’ll want to check out this monumental exhibition.

Opening tomorrow (29 Oct) at the Science Centre Singapore, the Avengers STATION (Scientific Training And Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) exhibition takes you into the world of the Avengers as a recruit. You must pass tests and tasks in order to succeed – but watch out for the threat looming overhead.

We attended a preview of the exhibition, and here are 11 things to get excited about.

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1. Your own recruit device

Every visitor – I mean, recruit – gets their own device that will log your progress and deliver messages from Agent Maria Hill. You can access case files about each member of the Avengers and their key characteristics.

You can download the free app, “Avengers STATION Mobile Training Device”, in the App Store and Google Play, or loan an iPod for free from the counter at the start of the exhibition to use this system.

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