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Get LINE FRIENDS BT21 Merch Now At The Changi Airport Pop-Up Store

Even before it opened, fans were queuing overnight

Photos: Weekender

Attention Singapore BTS Army! If you did not manage to get yourself a t-shirt (or enough t-shirts) from the wildly popular BT21 x Uniqlo collection that sold out like hotcakes, don’t despair. There’s a new store in the city that we bet is going to be your new favourite place, because it’s full of BT21 merchandise!

A LINE FRIENDS BT21 pop-up store has arrived in Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall, selling a variety of official merch from both character groups. It’s located at the open space just before the link bridge to Jewel Changi Airport, and will be there until 8 August. This is Singapore’s first-ever BT21 pop-up from LINE FRIENDS, the former being a character Intellectual Property (IP) created in close collaboration between LINE FRIENDS and the mega-hit K-pop band BTS.

Fans of the original LINE FRIENDS characters can shop products featuring Brown, Choco, Sally, Cony and more at one half of the store. The other half is dedicated to officially licensed merch featuring all the eight adorable BT21 characters, that were personally designed after and by the BTS members themselves. There are Tata, Mang, Chimmy, RJ, Koya, Cooky, Shooky and Van.

Framing the store space are cut-out figures of the BT21 characters for the perfect photo spot. BTS Army, don’t leave the store without a selfie with your favourite character!

Before checking out the store, we had one big question on our mind we bet every fan has, too: will Changi Airport bring in sufficient stock? Don’t underestimate the power of BTS mania in Singapore lately – we mentioned the BT21 x Uniqlo collection drawing long queues and selling out fast; this pop-up store also saw queues overnight before opening day on 28 June!

Well, we got great news to set your mind at ease. The staff at the pop-up shared with us that they will be restocking the items. They might bring in more stock for the smaller-sized items (including the t-shirts) compared to the bigger ones. But to compensate a little, they will also be updating and adding onto the selection by shipping over new items after some time!

Here’s a closer look at the BT21 merch available, plus their price tags:

If the Uniqlo collaboration got you wanting more BT21 tees, get these in your wardrobe! Priced at $36 each, there are seven different shirt design colours and taglines available for each character: “RUN” with an orange Chimmy tee, “PUMP” with a white Tata tee, “HOP” with a black Cooky tee, go “FAST” with a white Koya tee, “SPRINT” with a grey Mang tee, jump with a royal blue RJ tee, or “SHOOT” with a black Shooky tee.

They are unisex, so ladies might want to size down, or stick to your usual shirt size if you want an extra oversize fit.

Cuddle up to these super cute cushion-sized BT21 plushies! The smaller cushions are $39 each, while the bigger ones (on the upper shelf) are $58 each.

If you prefer smaller plush toys you can hold in your hand, there are also 15cm plushies at $32 each. They are describe as “standing plush” and they really can stand upright on their own! Perfect for keeping on your bed frame or table.

Mini plush toys (which can also be tied to a bag or pouch) at 11cm are $13 each.

Great for collectors to display around the house, the BT21 figurines are $26 each for medium sizes, or $46 for large.

These flannel blankets ($15) will keep you warm on cool nights.

More accessories include travel wrist straps ($26) and 3-in-1 wire cable ($27).

For your stationery needs, there are also various BT21 notebooks ($4 to $9) and pencil bases (from $14).

With new items to be added, fans might want to make multiple visits to the store! Our fingers are crossed for the pop-up to become a permanent store in the future, maybe in Jewel? Given the great and ever-growing demand, we think it’s possible!